Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sponsor my NMT Big Day

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for tuning into my humble blog and checking out all the birding activities I've been carrying out. Things are really starting to pick up now that spring is here and it's hard to find the time to stay inside and update this thing. Anyways, I thought I would put the word out that I will once again be going for an NMT "Big Day" on May 23rd in the Okanagan. I will be joined by 3 or 4 other cyclists and we will try and see 120+ species in one day using bikes. As part of this fun Meadowlark Festival event known as the "Okanagan Big Day Challenge" I hope to raise some money for the Baillie Fund and more importantly-- for the Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory. I would really appreciate the support, so if you have a few spare dollars floating around please sponsor me and my crazy amigos! You can either donate a flat rate (i.e $5, $10, $20, $10,000.. etc!) or by the species-- for instance if I see 100 species in 24 hours and you pledged 20 cents per species, that would be $20. Follow this link to pledge:

or, if you know that you will see me before May 23rd, you can certainly hand me the donations directly.

Have a great spring and thanks for helping out! NTM ALL THE WAAAY!

Russ Cannings
Penticton, BC

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