Monday, May 24, 2010


Just when I thought I was on my way north, my Dad got word of an ACORN WOODPECKER in Princeton. Hopped in the car with Dad and Sam and got to Princeton by about 3:10pm. We were a little confused at first because we had the wrong address but when I called the home-owner (the bird was frequenting a suet feeder), we realized that we were right outside her house. She also mentioned over the phone that "the bird is here right now." WHAAAATT!!!?!?!? I threw open the door and sprinted across the yard and peaked around the side of the house... yup still there! Back to the car for the camera and this time through the front door. What a great bird and what a feeder! I'll post more photos later of the woodpecker and the other feeder visitors when I get home from up north!

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