Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 28: Blue Jay+Virginia Rail+ Black-backed Woodpecker!

Today I had arranged to meet with some UBC-Okanagan staff about putting up a bluebird box trail on campus... so I fit in some birding around Kelowna!

First stop was Trader's Cove on the west side of the lake where I finally tracked down the long-staying BLUE JAY (unfortunately no photos!). Next I stopped in at a few sparrow spots to search in vain (as usual) for Harris's Sparrow. Finally at Acland Pond some luck came through when I pished up an obliging VIRGINIA RAIL.

After the meeting on campus, I headed for the hills hoping that I might find a Black-backed Woodpecker on the Gillard Forest Service Road. 2 years ago on the Kelowna Christmas Bird Count I found 3 up there, but on recent trips it had been very quiet. Typically these burned forests reach their bug/woodpecker peak two or three years after the fire, then become quiet. Well I was worried it was dead since the fire came through in 2003. But, after an hour or so of hiking I finally got onto one! (picture included)

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