Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lists updated

I have updated the list on the blog (see the tab near the top left), and have also updated the lists on the various chat groups around the province. For the time being, I have included American Black Duck because I've copied the list off eBird-- I recognize the fact that many birders don't consider the VI population legit so more on that later I guess. Also note that the lists on the bird groups are in taxonomic order but on the blog they are in chronological order.

It's been great to get back to BC birding after a great trip to Texas. Some recent yearbirds from the Okanagan include AMERICAN AVOCET (pictured) in Kelowna (22 of them!) and CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD.

Tomorrow I'm heading north again hoping to catch up with Harris's Sparrow and Ross's Goose among other things... should be fun!


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