Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Birding in the Okanagan: RAIN+WIND+SNOW

The weather hasn't been great of late (although apparently a lot nicer than on the coast!) but there have been some nice birds around. On Friday I headed to White Lake hoping to scare up some partridge or perhaps a singing Sage Sparrow. What I found instead was a light blizzard (and poor visibility), but with the bad there was some good! The bad weather had created a thrush fallout! Over 140 MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS on my little walk (probably 500+ in the whole area) and over 100 AMERICAN ROBINS (and loads more around Willowbrook). I have included one of bluebird photos (the one where you can actually see a bird!-- also note the horizontal nature of the precipitation).

Today (Saturday), Sam Brett and I cruised around to a few spots in the South Okanagan including McKinney, Rd. 22, and Vaseux Lake. More wind and rain today but some birds showed themselves well including my first OSPREY of the year at Rd. 22, a LONG-BILLED CURLEW (also at Rd. 22), my first winter-female RUSTY BLACKBIRD for the Okanagan (Vaseux-- yes it's a bad shot but you can tell what it is--note the pale eye), a couple WHITE-THROATED SWIFTS (Vaseux--year bird), and a TURKEY VULTURE eating a dog on the Penticton Indian Reserve... yummy.

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