Saturday, November 13, 2010

Northern Parula-- YES!

After completing another wild drive thanks to Jukka's steady hands, lots of coffee, "Beaver Buzz" energy drinks, Finnish heavy metal, and lots of bird-trivia, we arrived in the sunny South Okanagan. Here in Inkaneep Provincial Park it didn't take long to locate the immature male NORTHERN PARULA found by Don Cecile a few days earlier. Phew! I was stressin' out a bit on the islands but this felt great! I hadn't slept since 5:30 am the day before but I guess I'm getting used to it? Maybe not. Jukka suggested we continue on to Chilliwack for the mockingbird but I felt that sleeping in a bed tonight instead of a ditch was the smart thing to do.

[photos by Jess Findlay]

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