Thursday, October 7, 2010

Top 10 Most Wanted List

Hi all,

Several of you have asked for a "hit list" for the coming months. Here are 10 species that could turn up soon---

1. Harris's Sparrow
2. Cattle Egret
3. Ash-throated Flycatcher
4. Slaty-backed Gull
5. Little/Black-headed/Laughing Gull (any of these would be nice!)
6. King Eider
7. Tufted Duck
8. Hoary Redpoll (should be findable if I head north in November)
9. Thick-billed Murre (might need to hit Haida Gwaii again)
10. Brambling (keep those feeders busy!)


  1. Hi Russell, I will give you a call, but here's another for your list you might be interested in seeing: GHOST BIRD, a movie about the giant woodpecker. You can read about the film at and it will be showing at the Vancity Theatre in Vancouver November 1 and 3 ( Love for you to come and maybe introduce a screening...


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  3. Ahhh Russell, now we feel bad! We had no idea what you were trying to do when you reached out about out Brambling (leftantler/rightantler on flickr!). Really hope you get to see one! Good Luck!