Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clark's Grebe and other good birds

Hi all,

On my way back to Revy from days off I stopped in at Salmon Arm and managed to finally pick out a CLARK'S GREBE from amongst the many Westerns. I tried a couple times back in May without success so it was nice to finally see one in the fading June light. For those who are unfamiliar with Salmon Arm, there is actually a regular but tiny breeding population of Clark's at Salmon Arm (from 1 pair to 3 or 4 pairs depending on the year). And of course there are a few mixed pairs and no doubt some hybrids now to make it interesting!

Yesterday while working around Revelstoke I had the luck of getting great looks at both SHORT-EARED OWLS and LONG-EARED OWLS!!! Always a treat to watch those guys. The long-ear was especially sweet since up until yesterday I had only heard them.

Off to Bush Arm again in a couple minutes!

p.s. Hoping my camera will be fixed soon!

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